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Dear Valued Affiliate,

     I'm Ken Calhoun, President of Daytrading University. If you're an internet marketer, you've probably heard about me (I created the now widely-copied online university concept back in 1999 and was a featured success story of internet marketing pioneer Corey Rudl). My websites, videos and sales success are legendary in the online marketing world. My work with top trading industry figure Steve Nison, and my working relationships with most of the "who's who" of internet marketing are well known.... and that can be very good for you.

     Because I'm one of the "old timers" online (with a proven multimillion-dollar online sales success record), I know all the sales-accelerating conversion tactics it takes to help you make more sales... and as a Daytrading University affiliate, you'll be able to earn sizable commissions as a valued affiliate partner.

And unlike the huge 20%+ refund rates that you may have suffered through by promoting for the hucksters with overpriced $1997 launched bs trader systems, mine are world-class (I've got a less than 2% lifetime refund/chargeback rate since 1999, because my content is top quality, and traders value it highly).
Your Daytrading University "Affiliate Advantage" (And How You Can Make More Money, Fast!):

     As someone who's a real authentic trader (see current brokerage P&L screencaps here), I offer you a huge advantage —because unlike the no-name trading industry people who can't PROVE they actually trade, I prove my trading prowess weekly, which makes a big credibility (and sales) difference.

     This is a big advantage for you, which can quickly potentially boost your sales success as a Daytrading University affiliate... because you can correctly tell your lists things like "learn from a proven real trader", instead of all the hype and high return rates and complaints you get from competing products from no-name marketers you may have promoted for in the past (and you know how that worked out.).  Time for a change.

     Plus, I'm very well connected and respected within the trading industry, having been a speaker at the Traders' Expos since 2001, and am published in TASC, Active Trader magazine and elsewhere. And before getting into active stock trading, I have rave testimonials from my Fortune 500 client list from top executives, from back when I was a trusted resource to companies around the world.

     My point is that credibility counts, and can help you significantly outsell your competitors, as I have, by becoming a Daytrading University affiliate.

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We've carefully designed your DaytradingAffiliates.com affiliate program to pay you as much money as possible, while being simple to use. It's a great way to earn cash from your lists.
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  • Order Referral Auditing: Since we want to make sure you get credited for every single sale you make, we require every customer order to fill out a "how did you hear about us" field during their checkout. This helps us 'close the loop' and make sure you get credited for sales, even if their cookie is lost (or they order from a different computer, or have cookie-blocking software). Making sure you get properly credited for all sales is a top priority.
  • High-Security Order Fraud Prevention : In addition to using the latest state-of-the art advanced Authorize.net anti-fraud filters, we have a notorious reputation for vigorously prosecuting would-be credit card frauds (we file police/interpol reports for international fraud, and file lawsuits with the help of our attorneys — this deters fraud because we're known for having a zero-tolerance policy). We take security (yours and ours) very seriously.
  • Powered By 1Shopping Cart System: We use the highly-respected 1ShoppingCart affiliate management service to manage all tracking, banner distribution and more —so you can rest assured that your referrals are properly counted, and keep track of the results of your sales campaigns easily.

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